How do I know what product(s) to start on?


The first step is figuring out your goal. If you can’t join us for a chat at one of our two locations, please contact us using the number listed at the bottom of this page for product recommendations specific to your goal. 


What’s your most popular product?


Our most popular product is Supreme Probiotics because everyone can benefit from a healthy digestive system. Even if you’re not ready to hit the gym, our probiotic supplement is a great way to start getting healthier from the inside-out.


I want a supplement to power my workout, but I don’t want to get bulky. What do you recommend?


Supreme Pre is an ideal pre-workout supplement to increase performance and energy. If you’re not feeling the caffeine buzz, Supreme Pump features all of the benefits of Pre, just without caffeine. 


I’ve never had success bulking up. What do you recommend?


The first step to bulking up is to ensure your calorie consumption is at a surplus for your body type and for your activity levels. Protein powders are an obvious choice to boost your protein intake, but Supreme Probiotics is an excellent supplement to optimize nutrient absorption and improve digestion. We also recommend Supreme Aminos during your workout to help prevent muscle breakdown and restore amino acids. This helps stimulate protein synthesis, which results in building and repairing the muscle. 


How soon should I expect results from my supplement? 


Every supplement has a different purpose and mechanism. Some you can feel in about 30 minutes—such as Supreme Pre or Supreme Pump—while others may take days or weeks before you see results. In combination with supplements, we always like to remind our customers that it’s important to have a proper diet that matches your goals. 


Even with my high protein intake, I feel like I’m plateauing. What do you recommend?


Before we recommend anything, we want to have to look at your diet and current regimen. Feel free to reach out to talk to one of our professionals – the best part of our job is helping you overcome your nutritional obstacles! 


Do you carry any vegan products?


Yes. Our entire Supreme line is vegan-friendly, and has zero artificial sweeteners or dyes. 


Protein powders hurt my stomach – do you have an alternative?


Are you sensitive to dairy? Many people are sensitive to inflammatory foods such dairy, wheat, and gluten. A high-quality vegan protein, such as Supreme Meal Replacement, is a great alternative to a dairy-based protein. Add in a dose of Supreme Probiotics before bed every night and your tummy will love you for it.


How much do your meal plans cost?


We love helping our customers achieve their best results by using supplements to optimize their diet. Our custom meal plans are free with the purchase of recommended products. Drop us a line or come into the store for more information. 


Can I lose weight through supplement use even if I don’t go to the gym?


Through proper nutrition and supplementation, we have seen firsthand how people can lose weight and improve health without activity. The key is proper nutrition, and we invite you to come see us for a meal plan.


How often should I come into SSN for a weigh in?


We recommend people to come in weekly for a weigh in on our scale – both for accountability and so we can make any necessary adjustments.


Do I need to go talk to my doctor before I start taking nutritional supplements?


If you have a medical condition that you are concerned about, we highly recommend reaching out to a doctor to make sure the supplements are approved to take. 


My libido is lacking, but I don’t want to talk to you about it in person. What product do you recommend?


Supreme Test Booster is an all natural, testosterone-boosting supplement that has been known to increase mood, libido and overall energy levels throughout the day. 


Can I taste the product before buying? What if I don’t like the flavor?


All of our products are open for samples in store. We invite everyone to come in and try before you buy. This gives us peace of mind that you are completely happy with the taste of the product before you purchase.


I’m in the military and deployed overseas. Will you ship it to me?


Yes. We ship to all APO or FPO addresses. All shipments over $100 qualify for free shipping. 

You’re always welcome to come chat with us in the store, or drop us a line at 1 (442) 615-7505